Software for electric motor testing

To download software, please click on the live link of the software you wish to retrieve.

Baker AWA-IV
All Baker AWA-IV units run with complete analysis software to provide reliable, repeatable and trended results from a wide range of testing capabilities. This software features full database functionality for predictive maintenance programme performance.
    Baker AWA-IV Xpe (Software for XP Embedded)
    Baker AWA-IV Desktop Software-English
    Baker AWA-IV Desktop Software-German

Baker DX The following utility for Baker DX analyzers enables company logos to be embedded in test reports generated by the analyzer. It also enables Baker DX screen captures that can be saved in common image formats (e.g., .jpg, .bmp).
    Baker DX Utility

To receive Baker DX firmware updates, please contact SKF EMCM Technical Support Group via email, and request a password to download updates and update instructions. Additional firmware for the Baker DX can be downloaded here:
    Baker DX firmware (latest)
    Baker DX firmware (legacy)
    Baker DX file system conversion utility

Surveyor DX
Surveyor DX software is a Windows PC-based software program that extends reporting and archive capabilities of the Baker DX static motor analyzer beyond the instrument itself. Users can export data from the analyzer to a PC to save test data, analysis and reports on a desktop or mobile PC.
    Surveyor DX

Surveyor EXP-AC(for the EXP4000)
The EXP4000 software (now branded Surveyor EXP-AC) is available for download.
    Surveyor EXP-AC

The CM4000 is a continuous-monitoring module for the EXP4000 series testers. It allows users to obtain real-time information on a motor in operation.

The T4000 is a torque module for EXP4000 series dynamic analyzers. It enables users to obtain conclusive evidence of problems through torque analysis.

The VFD4000 is a variable-frequency drive module for the EXP4000 series of dynamic analyzers. It shows how frequency, speed, torque and voltage level vary with respect to time, enabling identification of transient overloading of the motor by the VFD.

The DC4000 is an analysis module for the EXP4000 series analyzer for analysis and documentation of DC machines.

EP1000 CalibrationSoftware
The EP calibration utility software can be downloaded and used to calibrate EP products. To download the software, and for information on how to install the program, please click on the following links:
    EP Software Utility

Surveyor NetEP
The SKF Motor Condition Surveyor automatically compares collected data from the SKF On-line Motor Analysis System – NetEP to user-defined parameters, indicating the condition of a monitored machine. For access to downloads of Surveyor NetEP 1.3.0 or NetEP Device Client 1.3.0, please send a request to .

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