SKF Microlog analyzer GX series - CMXA 75

SKF Microlog Analyzer GX series
Developed for maintenance engineers in a range of industries, the SKF Microlog analyzer GX series are high performance, one to four channel, route-based portable data collectors/FFT analyzers.

Four-channel, simultaneous triaxial input with separate tachometer input enables faster and more comprehensive data collection, without adding more collection time.

With a robust, high-speed data processor, the SKF Microlog CMXA 75 model captures full feature route and non-route dynamic (vibration) and static (process) measurements from many sources.

The SKF Microlog GX series ships with the full SKF Microlog suite of modules installed. To add additional functionality, units can be upgraded to more advanced models; simply purchase the module and enter the supplied license key.

SKF @ptitude Analyst compatible

The SKF Microlog analyzer GX is compatible with SKF @ptitude Analyst 7.x or later software. SKF @ptitude Analyst is a component of the SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite, a comprehensive software suite that integrates data from a wide range of SKF portable and on-line data acquisition devices.

SKF Microlog accessories

Many SKF Microlog accessories are available to further enhance your condition monitoring programme. Check out the SKF Microlog Accessories Catalogue to view the various accessories that can complement your SKF Microlog.

SKF Microlog Marine Monitoring Kit

Ship uptime depends on the availability of onboard machinery. Finding ways to assess the condition of auxiliary machinery without having to disassemble the equipment is perhaps more important than ever. With the SKF Microlog Marine Monitoring Kit (CMXA MX-SL / CMXA MXP-SL), you can take a reliable, cost-effective step toward condition-based maintenance - and thereby optimize your ship operations.
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