Progressive metering devices

Lubricant metering devices for progressive automatic lubrication systems

Working principle:

  • Progressive metering devices distribute the lubricant they receive to the lubrication points one after another in amounts relative to the individual metering rates of each section.
  • Each feeder outlet can only supply one lubrication point with lubricant.
  • If the demand for lubricant is high at one lubrication point, several outlet ports can be combined into one.
  • Thanks to the way a feeder works, it is possible to monitor the systems operation by monitoring one metering piston with the help of a cycle indicator (visual) or a piston detector (electrical or electronic).
All models work according to the same basic principle. The type selected will depend on:
  • the operating conditions
  • installation conditions
  • commercial requirements
  • technical demands on the metering volume of each outlet port.
  • replacing or exchanging of individual feeder chambers


  • total loss lubrication with grease
  • circulating oil lubrication systems
  • mechanical and systems engineering
  • on-road and off-road sectors

In the table you can find the technical details of progressive metering devices.

Progressive feeders

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