Casa Hogar

Home away from home for children of San Jose in Venezuela

Casa Hogar is a non-profit organization founded in 1981. The foundation is managed by a group of nuns and home to 26 children, whose parents are imprisoned. There is no one to care for them. With no governmental support, the foundation relies on the local community and private donations to meet the basic needs of the children.

To start with, SKF Venezuela collected food, clothes and medicine and visited the children at the foundation. Since then, SKF has organized trips to the foundation twice a year to spend time with the children, bringing with them donations, volunteering and organising small events for the children.

Long term development
Many of the children come from broken homes and have been abandoned at a very early age. When asked “what can be done for the long-term development of these children beyond their immediate needs,” the nuns at Casa Hogar, who spend everyday with the children answered, "psychological care and attention."

Having heard that, SKF approached several experts, to find a suitable candidate who can help the children. SKF sponsored an expert, who spends 20 hours every month at the foundation. Sessions are held with the children, alone and with integrated programme. Progress reports are then sent monthly to SKF.

We have received so much good feedback from the local community. Many of them come to the children’s home regularly and have not heard of SKF before. They tend to be very impressed by the company.” Gabriela Rodriguez, project leader of the Casa Hogar Community Care programme.

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