Load carrying capacity


For bearing load recommendations, refer to:


Flanged housings made of cast iron, composite and composite for SKF Food Line or stainless steel are able to withstand at least the same dynamic and static loads as the Y-bearings they incorporate. These Y-bearing units can also be used in applications where shock loads or varying axial loads occur.

Pressed steel housings have a lower load carrying capacity than the Y-bearings they can incorporate. Permissible radial housing loads are listed in the relevant product tables:

The axial load should not exceed 20% of the permissible radial load.

In the absence of a centring shoulder to be matched with the recess or the shoulder on the housings back (→ Attaching to a support surface) and when the loads acting on the housing are heavy, SKF recommends doweling the housing to its support surface.

Position and size of the dowel pin holes for flanged housings in the FY(J), FYTB and FYTJ series are listed in the relevant product tables:


If Y-bearing units are to be used in an application where health, safety, or the environment is at risk, the SKF application engineering service has to be contacted during the design phase.
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