Motor training at customer locations (on-site) - testing theory, equipment operation and diagnostics

Course description

This on-site seminar allows for customized instruction to meet your company's specific training needs. The seminar can be a mix of classroom instruction, classroom demonstration, hands-on instruction and field testing. Through consultation, we can tailor training to match specific needs and knowledge level.

On-site seminars typically involve 4-6 hours of classroom instruction and 2-4 hours of field/workshop training. The hands-on time can vary with the number of students attending. Materials you will need to provide include: an LCD projector, whiteboard/flip chart, small three-phase motor, DC motor and/or armature, and a typed student list of all attendees. The instructor will bring appropriate equipment if you do not have an analyzer available for use at the time of the class. Use of your organization's test equipment is highly recommended.


Offline motor testing:
  • Theory of insulation testing
  • Mechanisms of insulation failure
  • Testing methods standards (ANSI/IEEE/NEMA/EASA/IEC)
  • Testing procedures and criteria
  • Database creation and data management
  • Data evaluation and analysis
  • Integration into maintenance programmes

On-line motor testing:
  • Theory of motor operation
  • Testing procedures and criteria
  • Testing parameters (power quality, motor, load)
  • Motor efficiency estimation
  • Database creation and data management
  • Data acquisition
  • Data evaluation and analysis
  • Integration into existing maintenance programmes
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