1827, 1828

Pneumatically operated pump for use with single-line systems

All models are air-operated, positive-displacement pumps delivering a maximum volume by means of a single stroke of the pump. 

Solenoid air valves and adjustable, solid-state time controls are integrated into the pump body. Designed to deliver grease to single-line metering devices, these pump models include a special high-volume refill fitting. Integrated controls feature LED indicators for “Power On”, “Pump On” and “Alarm,” along with a membrane-type, “Manual Lube” switch.

Model 1823 includes a 2 1/2 inch pneumatically driven pump, vent valve assembly, pump elevator, air and lubricant connecting hoses and control panel. Model 282288 has the same specifications as Model 1823 but does not include an elevator or controller.

Features and benefits:

  • Modular structure consists of 2 1/2 in air motor, pump and vent assembly, controller, pump elevator, air and lubricant connecting hoses, as well as an optional control panel
  • For clean and safe drum replacement
  • Simplified, modular design
  • For U. S. standard refinery drums (removable head)
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