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Družba SKF na svojih spletnim mestih uporablja piškotke za to, da informacije prikaže čim skladneje z vašimi preferencami, na primer izbiro države in jezika.

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SKF has been involved in racing for nearly a century. Few, if any, environments offer a more intense and exacting test environment than top-class racing. SKF provides engineered solutions to racing customers and racing equipment manufacturers throughout the world. The Racing field can represent an immediate test-bed for proving new designs, new techniques and new ideas. SKF Racing works on tailored projects developed for the most demanding and prestigious manufacturers in the world's racing market. From the classic blue Bugatti's of the 1930's with roller bearing central crankshaft support to the sophisticated and highly complex Grand Prix thoroughbreds of today, SKF's technology has kept gearboxes shifting, camshaft revolving and wheels turning. From Grand Prix car and kart racing, to truck and bike trials, and the ovals of North American NASCAR, you'll find SKF. The Racing Unit provides technical assistance to Scuderia Ferrari, being its Official Supplier and other important teams in F1 and other series: to Ducati Corse in the Moto Gp and Granturismo championships and to Penske Racing teams in the NASCAR Championship in U.S.A.
Starting from 2012 a new partnership with Penske Racing teams, allowing SKF to test its products under the harshest conditions within the NASCAR and IndyCar series.

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