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Fountain Solution Cooling Systems

During the offset printing process, the image-free areas of the printing plate are usually coated with a water-based solution prior to coloring or rolling the image areas with ink. Fountain solution cooling systems are required for this coating process.

The Spandau Pumpen in the PRA and PSR series are ideal for use in this type of system due to their sealless design. The fact that none of the parts are subject to wear ensures a high degree of operational reliability of the pumps and thus of the entire system. The design allows for dry running and thus increases the operational reliability of the system as a whole.

The pumps feed the fountain solution from the reservoir into the roller’s fountain pan (a single pump can supply multiple fountain pans). The roller takes up the solution (deionized water with approximately 10% alcohol) and simultaneously releases the ink particles it is carrying. The contaminated water is sucked back via water-jet pumps, first passing through a filtering unit before it enters the reservoir and passes through the cooler.
DesignationQmax [l/min]Hmax [m]TypePDF
PRA12032Centrifugal pump1-6001-EN
PSR180255Centrifugal pump1-6065-EN
PXA500250Centrifugal pump1-6062-EN