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Temperature Control Pumps

Heat transfer fluids are often the ideal medium for reliable temperature control of production processes. Water up to 100°C (non-pressurized) or up to 150°C (pressurized) is used as the fluid. For higher temperatures, oils are frequently used for heat transfer.

Strong, reliable immersion pumps allow flexible design of even quite large circuits. Independent internal circulation – with an additional circulating pump, in the case of the more powerful devices – renders the cooling effect completely independent of flow resistance, so that even small pipe diameters pose no problem.

Due to the small pipe diameters and the long “distances” sometimes involved, high delivery pressures are often needed.

Nonetheless the pumps need to be compact as they have to be installed in devices with tight space restrictions.





PSR180255Centrifugal pump1-6065-EN
PXA500250Centrifugal pump1-6062-EN