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SKF expands its engine offer with loose timing belts for the automotive aftermarket

2014 August 15, 12:00 Europe

The SKF automotive aftermarket is pleased to announce the addition of loose timing belts (VKMT) to its engine range in order to fulfill market demand and help customers with their product selection.

SKF always recommends a full timing system replacement to avoid repeat repairs due to the failure of overlooked components in the system. The decision to introduce loose timing belts has been made as a result of market demand because there are certain circumstances under which a loose belt can be useful and a full repair is not absolutely necessary:
  • A garage technician needs to remove a healthy belt to check other components situated behind it. In this case it is not necessary to replace the tensioner and pulley too – a new belt is sufficient.
  • Repairs on older vehicles that have a low market value – the cost of a full timing system repair might exceed the value of the vehicle so a loose belt gives garage technicians a second repair option if appropriate.

What are the features and benefits?
  • Satisfy all customer needs, whether they are dealing with a full timing system replacement, a quick engine check or a very old vehicle whose value is lower than that of a timing system replacement.
  • Initial launch will include 170 references covering the most popular European and Asian applications as well as recent and older vehicles and will be available to order by quarter 4, 2014.  The range will be added to progressively over the following months;
  • All timing belts are taken directly from the SKF timing belt kits and timing belt kits with water pump and the reference codes will match the kit code;
  • All belts are SKF branded to help guarantee quality and deter counterfeits;
  • Timing belts are PTFE coated or treated with HSN according to OE specifications to ensure high performance and longer life;
  • Specific fitting instructions on how to replace belts on the more complicated applications and covering over 400 references are available by scanning the QR code printed on the box label.

“In recognition of market requests and our desire to meet customer needs, we have decided to launch the belts as a loose option. This range expansion not only caters for the European market but also for our customers in other markets where the kit concept is still not as popular as the loose belts and belt tensioner units. Without moving away from the kit concept, the loose belts are now available to fill that gap and satisfy customer needs as much as possible. ”, says Olivier Vigier, Global Technical Support & Product Manager for the SKF Vehicle Aftermarket.

The complete SKF engine offer now includes:
  • Timing belt kits
  • Timing belt kits with water pump
  • Belt tensioners
  • Loose timing belts
  • Auxiliary belts
  • Stretchy belts
  • Multi-V belt kits
  • Multi-V belts with free wheel alternator pulley
  • Multi-V belt kits with water pump
  • Auxiliary pulleys
  • Free wheel alternator pulleys
  • Crankshaft dampers
  • A range of tool sets designed to help replace engine components correctly and efficiently.

For additional product information, check our online catalogue at or download our “SKF Automotive parts search” iPhone application.

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