Stay ahead of the curve

The steering application in the Automotive field is the unique and important man-vehicle interface to which both the active and passive safety systems are strictly connected. Most of technological challenges related to the future of automotive will see the steering sector as one of the main protagonists. SKF is one of the market leader in the supply of steering column bearings and one of main suppliers of bearings addressed to the electric steering systems, which, nowadays and even more in the future, will be used by the majority of car manufacturers worldwide.

Steering electrification is a first step forward which directly follows the automotive technological innovation. So far the electric steering is conceived with traditional steering functions such as the ones offered by an hydraulic-assisted system which means that the potentiality of this application has not been fully exploited yet. During the next years we will see an extraordinary evolution in terms of active safety technologies in vehicles. The steering system will therefore play a key part allowing the connection among wheel, brake and suspension areas. Thus the overall vehicle performances will be improved. The sensorized components will become fundamental in order to deploy the
effective communication among each different system. In the future this will help achieve the complete replacement of any mechanical element of the car steering system with the so-called Steer by Wire.

In this brochure we are going to illustrate the state-of-the-art of the car steering capability through the range of SKF products which can meet main steering requirements.


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