SKF Hub Caliper Module

Integrated caliper lug cuts weight and costs

SKF Hub Caliper Module image
Instead of employing a complex knuckle design or additional components, the SKF Hub Caliper Module expands functionality by integrating the caliper lug attachment on the bearing, rather than the rotating outer ring. The result? The SKF Hub Caliper Module can help designers reduce overall system complexity, weight and cost. Additional design and performance advantages include: 
  • More precise caliper positioning against brake disc
  • System total weight saving
  • Caliper lug shape can be optimized
  • Increased caliper lug stiffness
  • Reduced piston knock-back
  • Reduced knuckle complexity and cost
  • Lower and better brake pads consumption
  • Reduced braking distance
  • Potential problem solver for brake judder
  • Reduced pedal stroke
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