SKF Food Line Y-bearing units withstanding washdowns to cut grease consumption

SKF Food Line Y-bearing units include the 2RF multiple lip seal design to keep detergent, water and other contaminants out of the bearing cavity, while keeping lubricant inside. The robust sealing solution helps eliminate the wash down related problems of corrosion, premature failure and environmental impact. 

BeyondZero offer

Sustainability in food and beverage for SKF means bringing new technologies, services and offers with enhanced environmental benefits and business value, whilst following industry safety requirements. For SKF Food Line Y-bearing units this applies as follow:

• Food safety: improved foreign body prevention and bacteria elimination
• People safety: reduced slip hazards

Business value
• Total cost of ownership: reduced re-lubrication costs and bearing replacement frequency
• Line efficiency: elimination of re-lubrication downtime

Environmental benefits
• Effluents reduction: less grease in waste water
• C02 saving

SKF Food Line Y-bearing units

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