More ice cream with less maintenance


An ice cream manufacturer was experiencing problems with standard steel bearings that were typically only lasting about one year in the hubs. This was due to ingress of water in the bearing and ‘breathing’ during cleaning cycles (-48 °C -49 °F to 25 °C 77 °F), which was causing corrosion.


SKF equipped the ice cream hardening tunnels with MRC Ultra corrosion-resistant sealed deep groove ball bearings featuring:

  • High nitrogen corrosion resistant stainless steel technology (HNCR)
  • Food grade Solid Oil
  • Optically detectable machined seals complying with US Food and Drug Administration regulations.**


The lifecycle of the bearings has been potentially increased to last up to six years. This prediction was based on analysis after one year of operation. In addition, the new bearings have provided the ice cream manufacturer with relubrication-free operation, which has reduced:

  • Maintenance time and costs
  • Risk of product contamination from lubricant
  • Lubricant waste, grease clean-up and disposal
Watch the short video below to see why using standard ball bearings in hardening tunnels can put food safety at risk and lead to unplanned downtime.
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