SKF CASM electric cylinders

Cut compressed air demand and energy use

CASM range
Able to provide fast, powerful linear movements, SKF CASM electric cylinders offer a robust, energy-saving alternative to pneumatic systems. The CASM modular concept enables easy connection to motors and control systems. IP54S level protection is provided as a result of an efficient sealing system, high-grade materials and precision assembly. Due to a reduced number of components, the system is more cost-effective than hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Benefits include:
  • Energy savings up to 90%, if replacing a pneumatic system to a fully electric driven one
  • Fewer contamination risks due to high IP rating
  • Compact design offers ease of maintenance
  • Fewer components can lead to reduced inventory and less maintenance complexity
  • High process stability CASM actuators are software-controlled, providing accurate synchronization and positioning
  • Fully interchangeable with pneumatics system due to ISO standard dimensions
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