SKF Food Line stainless steel deep groove ball bearings

food line stainless steel dgbb

These reliable, food safety compliant bearing solutions for wet and corrosive environments have been designed to meet food and beverage industry needs and requirements.

A wide range of food and beverage applications

SKF Food Line stainless steel deep groove ball bearings are ideal for virtually any application where corrosion can cause downtime, or food safety is at risk.

Key features for food safety and corrosion resistance

SKF Food Line stainless steel deep groove ball bearing features include:

  • Prelubrication with high quality grease registered by NSF as category H1*
  • A nitrile rubber seal material that is coloured blue for optical detectability and is compliant with FDA and EC recommendations**
  • Stainless steel for inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements and cage
  • Stainless steel backing plate for the seal
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* Lubricant registered by NSF as category H1 (lubricant acceptable with incidental food contact for use in and around food processing areas). The NSF registration confirms it fulfils the requirements listed in the US Food and Drug Administrations guidelines under 21 CFR section 178.3570.

** FDA (CFR 21 section 177.2600 for ‘Rubber articles intended for repeated use’ for use in contact with aqueous and fatty foods) and EC (conformity to the overall migration requirements of the German BfR recommendations for food contact materials, recommendation XXI for category 3 materials)
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