SKF high temperature bearings and units

Eliminate the need to regrease with SKF graphite based technology

Suitable for operating temperature up to 360 °C (660 °F), these bearings and units provide extended service life. During operation, the pure graphite cage generates minute quantities of graphite - more than enough to lubricate the bearing and enable years of trouble-free operation without maintenance.

BeyondZero offer

Sustainability in food and beverage for SKF means bringing new technologies, services and offers with enhanced environmental benefits and business value, whilst following industry safety requirements. For SKF high temperature bearings and units this applies as follow:

• Food safety: improved foreign body prevention, no dripping grease
• People safety: reduced slip hazards

Business value
• Total cost of ownership: lubricant and relubrication cost savings, including stand-still
• Line efficiency: reducing planned and unplanned production stops

Environmental benefits
• Elimination of grease consumption
• C02 savings

SKF wafer oven units

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