SensorMount saves potash producer 364 700 euro

The challenge

A major potash producer had been experiencing unplanned downtime at different intervals on several compactors. The shutdowns were a result of excessive shaft vibrations and subsequent bearing failure. Bearing removal and replacement were costly in terms of time and lost productivity.

The SKF solution

SKF determined that the problems were due to an improper fit of the bearings, which had been loosening under load and producing excessive shaft vibration. SKF recommended that the plant begin using the SensorMount method to mount the bearings.

The results

In the first year alone, the plant increased Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) by 400% and saved €364 700 in unplanned downtime.

Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Cost to repair compactors: €83 000
  • Cost of lost production: €290 000
  • Total cost: €373 000 
  • Investment in SensorMount: -€ 8 300
  • Total savings: €364 700
  • Total ROI: 4 400%
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