Asset management increase productivity

Date: 2011-11-14T12:03:57
Location: United States
Presenter: Mike Dumont, Senior Asset Care Engineer, MillerCoors
Conference: AM2011 North America
Mike Dumont


This presentation is an overview of MillerCoors' multi-year effort implementing a world class asset management program. It will describe the methodical approach to the asset acquisition, maintenance strategy life plans, and ongoing care. It shows how our approach to Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) development leads to solid work plans, and how these plans become living documents. The presentation elaborates on the tools driving our maintenance strategy. Utilizing these predictive tools and engaging the entire workforce in the maintenance effort has proven to optimize our maintenance effort and reduce maintenance costs. MillerCoors' goals are to drive down the total cost of ownership at our facilities and to extend the life of our equipment through awareness of the equipment's inherent reliability. By considering reliability and maintenance needs during the design phase of our assets, we are reaching these goals and have been successful at positively impacting the bottom line of the company.
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