Environmental Management System - ISO 14001

SKF was the first international bearing manufacturer to receive global certification according to the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management in 1998. The purpose of having global certification is that all our manufacturing sites, technical and engineering centres and logistics locations, are required to maintain and uphold high performance standards regardless of geographical locations or social and economic conditions in the country.

The SKF Group-wide certificate consisted of 112 sites in 35 countries at the end of 2016.

All SKF manufacturing units, logistics centres and technical centres are encompassed in the auditing scope except for recently acquired companies. These companies are working towards the inclusion to meet SKF Group's requirements and standard. 

In 2016, SKF's North-East Asian Distribution centre in Shanghai was included in the certificate.

Sites scheduled for inclusion in SKF's ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 management system in 2017:

By Region:
  • Africa
    SKF Lincoln S.A. in South Africa

In compliance to the requirement of ISO 14001 environment management system, SKF continually demonstrates improvements on its environmental performance. 

Targets are established and reviewed annually in tackling environmental challenges resulted from for instance greenhouse gases emissions, natural resources consumption, and wastes. Read more under performance monitoring and reporting.

Energy Management System (EnMS) ISO 50001

SKF becomes one of the first organizations to achieve ISO 50001 certification on a global scale
SKF finalized the second wave of implementing the ISO 50001 energy management system across the Group in 2015. The certificate was issued by DNV GL in February 2015 - making the SKF Group one of the first organisations to receive a global certification for energy management system.
The basic principle is that all manufacturing sites with an energy use of 9 GWh/year or more shall be ISO 50001 certified. These represent about 90% of the Group’s total energy use.
This management system is an initiative to further drive improvements in energy performance and thus reduce environmental impacts and costs.

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