Selecting bearing size

The load carrying ability and wear behaviour of SKF plain bearings are determined by the specific conditions of a particular application. Therefore, any calculation can only provide approximate values. To determine the required size of bushings, washers or strips, the load carrying capacity, the service life requirements, operational reliability and a set of given operating conditions (such as load, sliding velocity) need to be considered.
For composite bushings and thrust washers, the load carrying capacity is expressed by the basic dynamic load rating C and the basic static load rating C0.
When determining the required size of bronze, polyamide and filament wound bushings as well as strips, the stresses occurring in the sliding layer and sliding velocity should not exceed the permissible values. For the permissible values, refer to the relevant bearing data sections under Bushing data, Thrust washer data, or Strips data.
For additional information about calculations on bearing life and size, refer to Requisite bearing size.
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