SKF @ptitude Analyst 2012 Edition maintenance release 1 (MR1)

This maintenance release shall be installed if:
  • Using SKF @ptitude Analyst 2012 Edition version 7.0

The SKF @ptitude Analyst 2012 Edition Maintenance Release 1 (MR1) (version 7.0.1) addresses the items listed below:
  • SKF Microlog Inspector Profile ROUTE selection now accepts entered keys for quick search
  • Adjusted the dates of WMx measurements and wake up times to the specified device time zone
  • Improved WMx data collection reliability on unstable network connection. WMx service now resumes the unfinished measurement routes when network connection is re-established.
  • WMx service is now more robust for the File.Move operation during archiving
  • A defect that prevented WMx POINTs from being created with a 1.5 CPM end frequency and 100 lines has been fixed
  • A defect that shut down all WMx when a WMx without a MAC address is swapped in has been fixed
  • SKF @ptitude Analyst will now prevent a condition that turned existing POINT traffic lights to gray 
  • Resolved issues of WMx units not collecting data when the conversion tool converted some non-envelope POINTs with high end frequency (5000 Hz) and high resolution (12,800 lines). To correct this, use MBA to change the affected POINTs. 
  • Resolved multi-threading problem when storing TWF data from an LMU
  • Swapping an externally powered WMx device with a battery powered device will no longer set the "Remain On" setting on the swapped WMx

Download and installation instructions

If using SKF @ptitude Analyst 2012 Edition (version 7.0):
  1. Exit all SKF Monitoring Suite applications and perform necessary database backups.
  2. Download the maintenance release file from the Download files section in the right column of this page ("SKF @ptitude Analyst 2012 Ed. MR1").
  3. Click here to fill out and submit the customer information form so that we may update your equipment records.
  4. Once you have submitted the form from the link above, double-click on the downloaded file.
  5. Install the maintenance release.

Note: Your default email program will be used to submit the customer information form. If your email program does not launch successfully when you submit the form from the link above, please email the information below so that we may update your equipment records.

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  • Email address
  • Company
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • SKF @ptitude Analyst Suite serial number
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