SKF @ptitude Analyst 2012 Edition (version 7.0)

SKF @ptitude Analyst 2012 Edition (version 7.0) delivers the following features, enhancements and essential maintenance releases:
  • The ability to export SKF @ptitude Analyst data to external applications in a standard format (CSV): This allows for easier distribution or sharing of SKF @ptitude Analyst data by a wider range of people, including personnel that don't have SKF @ptitude Analyst.
  • Filtering of notes on plots by categories: Users can control what notes are displayed over trend plots, allowing users to have a cleaner and more focused view of specific information.
  • The installation process has been overhauled and simplified.
  • Outlier detection and exclusion: When creating a statistical overall alarm, an automatic algorithm that excludes measurements that can be viewed as "outliers" is optionally available. The wizard-driven exclusion of statistically derived outliers enables tighter alarm thresholds to be produced.
  • Send email/SMS text message actions: Users can be notified of alarm notifications and other important events via email or SKS text messages in SKF @ptitude Analyst 2012.
  • ...and additional enhancements and improvements.
Please contact your local SKF representative for detailed information on the items above.

Download and installation instructions

  1. Exit all SKF Monitoring Suite applications and perform necessary database backups.
  2. Save the @A2012E.exe download file. (NOTE: You must first save the .exe file before running it.)
  3. Click here to fill out and submit the customer information form so that we may update your equipment records.
  4. The download file is an ISO image of the installation DVD. You may burn the ISO image onto a DVD using any DVD burning software compatible with ISO images. Or you may use an ISO disk utility to run the ISO image file from your PC's hard drive.
  5. Run the installation program by either inserting the burned DVD or double-clicking the Autorun.exe file.
  6. Reference the SKF @ptitude Analyst Installation Manual for detailed installation instructions.

Note: You will be required to use 2012 Edition license keys. Approximate download file size is 1.6 GB.

Your default email program will be used to submit the customer information form. If your email program does not launch successfully when you submit the form from the link above, please email the information below so that we may update your equipment records.

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Company
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • SKF @ptitude Analyst Suite serial number
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