LMC 301

Controller to reliably control small, large or multi-system-type lubrication systems

LMC301, model 86500 / 86501
LMC301, model 86500 / 86501
Single-line lubrication grease
System layout of a single-line lubrication system with LMC301 control unit

The LMC 301 is a compact, modularly expandable control and monitoring device. It is equipped with an LCD display and six functional keys for programming, parameter setting and signalization. The user is guided through the setup menu. Additionally, there is a simple-to-use PC software for parameter setting and diagnostics available.

Features and benefits:

  • Integrated, flexible lubrication programs
  • Main device with 10 digital inputs, for 3 lubrication pumps and max. 6 pulse transmitters
  • Up to 7 slave/extension with additional inputs for max. 10 pulse transmitters
  • Three lubrication pumps can be controlled and monitored
  • Can connect the digital grease flow detectors 800030 or the universal pulse generators
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