Control center family for single-line, dual-line and progressive lubrication systems

SKF ST-1240-IF
SKF ST-1240-GRAPH-open

The SKF control center family ST-1240 supports any combination of single-line, dual-line and progressive lubrication systems. The lubrication channels can be zones, separated by shut-off valves, or complete lubrication systems with separate pumping centres and varying lubricants. Pressure switches, pressure transmitters or piston detectors can be used in all channels.

While ST-1240-GRAPH and ST-1240-IF are two-channel control centers including two individual spraying air monitoring. ST-1240-GRAPH-4 includes same features but is optimized for single-line lubrication system up to four channels.

Both ST-1240-GRAPH variant control centres come with a user-friendly touch screen. The advanced display guides the user step-by-step through the application. It provides remote control via mobile devices or Ethernet, allowing easier system inspection and trouble shooting. The ST-1240-IF controller enables configuration in the field via a robust three button and three digit display. 

ST-1240-IF and ST-1240-GRAPH are compatible with SKF Online software.

Features and benefits:
  • System can be divided up to 2 or 4 lubrication channels
  • Automatic pump change (Dualset)
  • Grease spraying control with air monitoring
  • IP 65 protection rating
  • Compatible with SKF Doser monitor
  • Works with SKF Online 1440 control software
  • Compatible with SMS remote controlling system
  • Robust IP65 steel enclosure
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