SP / SMB10

Flow limiter for use in oil circulating lubrication systems

SP / SMB10
SP / SMB10

The SMB 10 flow limiter is designed to divide the main line flow into parallel, individual flows. The flow is generated independently of system pressure changes and virtually independently of viscosity, guaranteeing a constant flow. 

The SMB 10 provides a flow rate from 0,21 to 8 l/min (0.44–17.2 pts) and a pressure range of up to 50 bar (725 psi). The SMB 10 can reduce the starting flow to 25% to prevent cold bearings from overflowing. The change-over can be done with a hydraulic or electric change-over valve. Up to six SMB 10s can be combined on a mounting plate, providing a simple, space-saving installation and compact construction with only one inlet. 

Various extension options are available. For visual and electronic monitoring of oil flow, the SMB 10 has a built-in, gear-wheel-type flow indicator. Every rotation creates a signal offering information about the flow rate. The SMB 10 can be used in combination with the SKF IPM 12 pulse meter.

Features and benefits

  • Stable system regardless of pressure, temperature or viscosity changes
  • Reliable product with self-adjusting metering
  • Visual and electronic monitoring with real flow indication
  • Adaptation of flow rate possible (nozzle exchange)
  • Optional ATEX version for Ex II 2G c T4 Gb
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