Flow meters for oil circulating systems

SKF Safeflow SF10A 15A BSC
SKF Safeflow SF05/10/15
SKF Safeflow

SKF Safeflow flow meters control and indicate the flow rate in oil circulation lubrication systems. Each flow meter can be calibrated individually according to oil viscosity and desired flow. 

Safeflow covers a flow rate of 0,04 to 56 l/min (0.08-118 pts/min) per lubrication point. It can be banked (up to 10 units wide) to reduce piping and simplify installation. These flow meters offer excellent readability and visual monitoring due to their operating principle of straight glass flow tubes with internal calibration cones.

Features and benefits

  • Easy and individual calibration of flow meters with adjustable flow rate
  • SF05A, SF10A and SF15A can be combined in same module
  • Common or individual electronic alarms available

Configure the product according your needs, download the CAD file

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