Suction element SE2

For suction removal of used lubricant in single-line lubrication systems

Lincoln SE1

The suction element SE2 is a direct operating single-line unit. It serves to externally remove and transport used lubricant out of a bearing and into a separate collection canister – e.g. the AFB 10 used grease container.

During the pressurization phase, the connected single-line pump P 603S transports the pre-metered used lubricant from the bearing via the separate disposal connection to the AFB 10 used lubricant container. When the P 603S single-line pump vents, the vacuum created in the suction side pulls in the used lubricant into the metering chamber. The chamber is transferred on during the next pressurization phase. Several suction elements can be connected in series. The last element is accordingly equipped with an elbow fitting.

The overall small dimensions make it possible to use in small bearings. In consultation with the bearing manufacturer, it is possible to retrofit.


  • The used lubricant does not force it’s way through the seals and does not dirty the area around the bearings
  • The possible re-usage of the used grease lessens the environmental impact and conserves resources

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