Neutron chopper, instrumentation

Advanced neutron facilities require high performing equipment.

SKF magnetic bearings are ideal for all types of neutron choppers (E0, T0, single or multi-disk bandwidth). Magnetic bearings enable neutron choppers to operate virtually maintenance free with extremely high reliability and without hydrocarbon contamination in a vacuum environment.

SKF's G5 digital magnetic bearing/motor control system not only levitates the shaft but also locks phase with the reference timing signal. This provides phase control of the slit package or disk assembly to ±0.25 ms at 600 Hz (i.e. within 0.05 degrees of alignment with minimum 99% repeatability). The SKF control system provides the best timing performance and operation in neutron scattering spectrography.

Key Benefits and Solutions:

  • non-contact rotation eliminates wear – extremely high bearing reliability
  • minimal housing vibration regardless of shaft balance (< 0.1 microns)
  • 60 Hz to 600 Hz operation with sub-synchronous phase locking (1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/10)
  • DC brushless motor
  • extremely low loss bearing design for operation in vacuum environment
  • no water cooling for low speed operation
  • gamma radiation compatible to 3.5x106 rads
  • commercially available

SKF engineers work with customers to integrate mechanical, electronic, and communication systems to bring state of the art designs to leading neutron instruments.

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