SFD spray booth applications

Separator Filter Dryer ensures a continuous supply of clean, dry compressed air

spray paint
Body shop managers know that the quality of their compressed air has a significant effect on paint finishes and shop productivity. Oil and water in air lines can effectively ruin the paint finish, often requiring that the surface be sanded down and the job done over. Dust and dirt in the air lines create "flecks" in the finished coat. The cost of resanding the repainting adds up quickly, affecting productivity, profitability and at times, customer relationships.

Contaminated air can also reduce equipment life. Contaminants can clog valves and cause corrosion that eventually requires equipment to be rebuilt or replaced. The problem is year-round, but worse in the summer months, when high humidity causes even more moisture to collect in the lines.

The Separator Filter Dryer from SKF can help. The unique design of this system keeps compressed air supplies free of water and contaminants, protecting paint surfaces, equipment, and reputations.

One such shop is Northwest Ford and Sterling Truck Center in the Chicago area. According to the body shop manager, Mike Sleboda, in 2001 Northwest installed the SFD directly at point-of-use in their spray booth. The result has been cleaner wipe downs, improved paint finishes, and time savings, as it is no longer necessary to bleed the valves. Sleboda notes that the SFD has more than paid for itself in increased productivity and the elimination of do-overs due to contaminants in the lines. Benefits of using the SFD in spray-booth applications includes:
  • Cleaner wipe down process
  • Improved paint finishes
  • Time saving with prep, re-paints and manual bleeding valves 
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