Miniature ball transfer units

Making small-parts transfer and positioning easier

Miniature ball transfer units from SKF can be used to transfer and position small parts in demanding material-handling settings, including cleanrooms with limited space and operating conditions.

Lightweight, compact, and ready-to-install, the units offer a practical alternative to carts, casters, and related equipment in cleanrooms for many industries, including microelectronics, medical/biotech, semiconductor, and food processing.

Upon installation, the units allow for 360º movement to provide optimal versatility, regardless of application. Depending on type, “miniature” ball transfer units are designed with ball sizes ranging from 4.8mm to 9.6mm. Units weigh from 0.003kg to 0.06kg and are offered with load ratings from 10kg to 70kg (up to 154 lbs.).

Despite their relatively small size, “miniature” ball transfer units from SKF are designed for durability, high performance, and long service life. All types feature steel housings (either with steel balls and a flat top, stainless steel balls and a flat top, or stainless steel balls and an angled top) and install quickly and easily with studs.
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