T-seals and Locking T-seals

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The T-seal is a proven design with a long history of service. All T-seals are three piece seals with an elastomeric lip and hard plastic anti-extrusion rings. The standard design will fit into an o-ring gland and can be machined or net moulded.
SKF produces customizable T-seals from a variety of materials to meet almost any gland size.



The standard T-seal is a common seal design used in many different industries. The oil and gas market often has a high mix of products and low volumes. The ability to machine the T-seal from a variety of materials makes the SKF manufacturing methods an attractive option.

T-seals are manufactured by machining or moulding made of different HNBR or FKM-types as sealing material and a backup ring made of PEEK. Please find more details about materials here.

Locking T-seals

Locking T-seal
Locking T-seal

The Locking T-seal is an SKF patented design where a ridge on the hard plastic anti-extrusion ring is able to snap into a groove moulded or machined into the elastomer lip, locking the T-seals' anti-extrusion ring in the right position.

One cause of failure for T-seals is damage to the anti-extrusion ring during installation. As well as enabling easier installation, the unique design reduces the risk of damage to the seal or other wellhead components by preventing the anti-extrusion ring from opening during installation.

This design is suitable for applications, where where assembly may be challenging or where the backup ring position cannot visually be inspected, such as blind or remote installations.

The Locking T-seal can be used in dynamic reciprocating seal functions as well as high pressure static connections.

The Locking T-seal as been successfully used in fluid power applications as well as downhole tool conditions, where the part in engaged and disengaged during use. It has also been used to replace S-seals in smaller diameter parts due to the potential of the S-seal springs coming unbonded during the stretching of the seal into place.

The SKF Locking T-seal brings together the most practical and reliable elements of T-seals and spring backup seals in one innovative solution that perfectly meets the demands of oil and gas exploration.

Locking T-seals are manufactured by moulding made of SKF Ecorubber-H 85A-b-ED or (HNBR) or SKF Ecorubber-2 85A-b-ED-TP (FKM) as sealing material and a backup ring made of SKF Ecopaek. Please find more details about materials here.

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