Operator Driven Reliability

Putting the power of condition monitoring within reach

Operator with Microlog Inspector at fan system
Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) – a process pioneered by SKF – empowers operators to contribute proactively to a company-wide maintenance strategy. The process is built on a simple realization – that equipment operators are usually the first to detect even the smallest changes in machine conditions. SKF operator involvment starts from the first ODR project facilitation meeting where operators participate in criticality and failure mode effect analysis. The shared asset knowledge is the basis for correct operator activities.

Using the SKF Microlog Inspector series of handheld mobile computers, operators perform process parameter inspections, make minor adjustments, and record general observations of machine performance. These SKF handheld tools allow operators to communicate findings and initiate timely corrective actions. The tools also facilitate communication between departments, making it easier to implement and run an ODR program.

Decrease maintenance spending by 10-20%

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