Levels of repair

Class 1

  • Average of 6 weeks for major repairs
  • Repair includes regrinding the screw and replacing the nut package
  • Repair carry a full 1-year warranty

Class 2

  • Average of 3 days for a basic reload
  • Includes reloading the original screw and nut with new balls
  • Repair includes a 6-month warranty

Class 3

  • 24-48 hours for emergency repairs
  • Considered a temporary repair or a quick-fix
  • Repair is done at customer’s request only
  • Repair carries no warranty

Field services

  • Fully trained service technicians available for field service work
  • This is a for-fee service
  • Considered a temporary repair or a quick-fix
  • Screw must be returned to SKF for full repair process

For ball screw repair EMERGENCIES or AFTER HOURS service call: 1-586-588-0139

For PARTS or SPARES call: 1-800-541-3624

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