When do ball screws need repairs?

Know the warning signs and save

If your ball screws are exhibiting any of the following symptoms, it’s probably time for repairs: 
  • Fatigue or surface distress on screw shaft (pitting, spalling, brinelling)
  • Heat discoloration on balls and screw shaft (skidding, jammed circuit)
  • Excessive backlash (between nut and screw shaft/support bearings
  • Seals/wipers loose or missing
  • Visual contamination present (metallic ships, grease breakdown)
  • Excessive noise vibration during operation (bent screw shaft whip or whirl)
  • Clicking sound in recirculation tube (dented return tube, broken tube straps)
  • Loss of positioning accuracy
  • Excessive power draw
  • Crashes into end stops

For ball screw repair EMERGENCIES or AFTER HOURS service, call: 1-586-588-0139

For PARTS or SPARES call: 1-800-541-3624

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