Machine Lubricant Analyst—Level II and III


This course material is compliant to ISO 18436-4, Category II and III. Learn about the following and more:
  • Lubricant roles and functions
  • Oil Analysis Maintenance Strategies
  • Oil Sampling
  • Lubricant health monitoring

Course objectives

Establish the role of lubricant analysis for improving machine reliability. Overview lubricant construction and the general principles involved in lubricant selection for typical plant machinery. Review handling, application and contamination control strategies to improve machine performance. Provide a thorough introduction to the principles of Lubricant analysis, including a review of methods to analyze lubricant health, lubricant contamination conditions and machine wear debris. Introduce appropriate methods to collect samples as the first step in lubricant based machine condition assessment.

Recommended for

Plant personnel involved in any aspect of machinery lubrication, including maintenance supervisors and coordinators, reliability and rotating machinery engineers, predictive maintenance technicians and skilled mechanics.



  • WI140 Lubrication analysis basics
  • JM02016 Lubricant Monitoring and Analysis
  • MB03027 Oil and water


  • EVOL10_no3_p255 Lubrication and contamination effects on bearing life
  • EVOL11_no1_p25 Testing grease noise in rolling bearings
  • JM02009 An introduction to oil debris analysis

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