Thermographic Applications - Level I


This course covers the theory and applications of infrared thermography  in the preventive maintenance, quality assurance, condition monitoring and nondestructive testing of materials fields. This class focuses on qualitative thermography and how to collect data and follow proven and published inspection procedures. Upon completion students will be able  to capture clear thermograms and make basic inferences and diagnosis.

Course objectives

Participants will learn the principles of how to Think Thermally®, basic heat transfer theory, electrical applications, mechanical equipment applications, building system inspections, roof inspections, proper use of thermal imaging equipment, accurate image acquisition and diagnostic skills. This course includes the Snell Certification Standard. Objectives are measured through daily quizzes, a hands-on practical exam, an application specific written exam, and a general written exam.

Recommended for

Personnel seeking to advance their knowledge in thermographic and infrared inspections. This includes supervisors, maintenance and reliability engineers, electricians, mechanics, equipment operators, energy auditors, and service company personnel who perform PDM, energy audits, or thermographic and infrared services for their clients. Although a basic understanding of infrared technology is helpful, this is an entry level course and no prerequisites are required.



  • WI130 Thermography basics
  • Webinar-Mechanical inspections using infrared
  • Webinar-Emissivity and its impact on thermographers


  • JM02008 Introduction to thermographic analysis
  • Webinar-Successful electrical inspections using infrared
  • White Paper - Locating levels in tanks, vessels and silos

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