Wind Turbine Shop Bearing Maintenance


This course teaches participants how to improve the service life of machinery in wind turbines by providing key concepts for shop repair personnel as well as hands-on practical work as needed.

Course objective

This courses offers ways to improve the reliability of wind turbines after repair or refurbishment with emphasis on safe removal, repair and installation of bearings and related components in wind turbines using precision maintenance techniques.

Recommended for

Wind power industry shop personnel, including: shop maintenance and repair mechanics, fitters, installers, engineering support staff, condition monitoring staff, reliability engineering and wind farm management personnel. Also, those interested in improving the reliability of wind turbines with world class maintenance and repair practices.


RMI On-line course*
  • GRB001 Bearing Basics
  • GRB006 Deep Groove Ball Bearings
Reading material *
  • EVOL05_no1_p28 Wind Turbines Loom Large
  • GS02004 Wind Turbine
* On-line learning material at

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