Dynamic Field Balancing


This course emphasizes hands-on balancing exercises using tabletop rotor kits and instruments using optical, laser and strobe light accessories for phase reference. Proper vibration analysis techniques are reviewed to differentiate imbalance from other problems such as misalignment and resonance.

Course objectives

This course covers how to be able to successfully balance common machinery in the field. This includes proper diagnosis of unbalance, assessment of balancing requirements/ methods, data acquisition and balancing procedures, and special considerations for overhung rotors, unusual configurations, and influences of other machinery.

Recommended for

All condition monitoring specialists, engineers, and supervisors responsible for improving machinery performance and reliability. Those seeking strong practical skills in balancing rotating machinery to precision levels, both in the field and in the shop.


Six months experience using any type of vibration/balancing instrumentation and/or a basic vibration analysis or balancing course. Attendees are encouraged to bring their data collector/analyzer/balancer with accessories in order to participate in the extensive hands-on exercises.

  • GRB001 Bearing basics
  • WE150 Balancing basics
  • MB02004 Balancing
  • AM2005_Courtney In situ balancing
  • GS02011 Machinery mounting
  • WE140 Shaft alignment basics
* On-line learning material at http://www.skf.com/us/knowledge-centre/elearning/index.html

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