Aeroengine Bearing Inspection - Level I


The Level I inspection for serviceability course covers:
  • Demagnetization and cleaning
  • Visual inspection
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Minor repair–blending/stoning of high material
  • Marking
  • Lubrication, preservation and packaging

Course objectives

To equip students with the knowledge to identify and recognize characteristics that render bearings unserviceable and/or unacceptable upon engine operation. Students will learn the basics of failure analysis identification and the probable causes of failures. Students will also be informed of the cleanliness requirements for the oil lubrication system and will be taught proper handling and installation techniques, methods, and practices to minimize the opportunity for premature bearing failures.

Recommended for

Bearing room inspectors, bearing removal and installation personnel, and engineering staff responsible for engine reliability of commercial or military flight hardware, and land and marine engine and gearbox equipment. Rotating equipment engineers, reliability engineers, mechanics, and maintenance supervisors. Anyone interested in rotating equipment performance.


  • GRB001 Bearing basics
  • GRB006 Deep groove ball bearings
  • RB02002 Bearing Basics
  • Evol12_No4_p21-29 Damage mechanisms
  • EVOL11_no4_p26 Preventing surface distress
  • EVOL12_No2_03 The benefits of remanufacturing roller bearings
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