Vibration Troubleshooting - Practical Methods/Advance Results


This course focuses on troubleshooting strategies that lead to the true sources of the most common maintenance-related vibration problems. Techniques aimed at the future prevention of the root causes of these problems solve not only existing machinery problems but provide a foundation for a fundamental change in maintenance practices. Relevant case histories and discussions of machinery problems that attendees are currently experiencing enhance the learning experience.

Course objectives

After completing this course, participants will understand the cause and effect relationship between maintenance practices and the resulting vibration and reliability performance of industrial machinery utilizing sound and practical inspection and troubleshooting practices. They will also learn to elevate basic condition monitoring programs beyond problem detection to provide true corrections and solutions to problems.

Recommended for

All maintenance and operations personnel interested in improving machinery reliability through identification, correction, and the prevention of failures. Although a basic understanding of vibration is helpful, the practical nature of the material allows all participants to gain a new understanding of their machinery and how they can positively impact reliability.


  • WI100 Vibration Basics
  • JM03001 A Balanced Approach to Acceleration and Velocity Monitoring
  • JM02014 Vibration monitoring of bearings


  • MB01001 Low speed bearing monitoring
  • MB04034 PdM and RCFA: A powerful combination
  • MB02006 Predictive maintenance
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