ISO Category IV (Part 1) – Vibration Analysis III


This course offers an intensive study of special vibration analysis techniques used to diagnose critical machinery and problem machines. Study of how to generate meaningful narrow band spectral enveloping needed to isolate, identify, and correct a wide range of machinery problems, including those with unknown component description, variable operating speeds, and multiple harmonic frequencies. Effective monitoring techniques for electric motor problems are presented. Includes do's and don'ts of meaningful enveloping, effective management reporting for success, and real-world case histories.

Course objectives

At the end of this course, participants should have learned to perform effective diagnostics and make appropriate recommendations for fault corrections for many problem machines, bearings, gears, and electric motors. Participants will be taught to isolate and identify causes of excessive vibration and help predict bearing and gearbox failures for efficient scheduling of maintenance at appropriate times.

Recommended for

Plant personnel requiring a comprehensive understanding of intensive analytical methodologies for determining the condition of machinery and to correct malfunctions (allowing them to obtain optimum performance, availability, and product and process quality); including rotating machinery specialists and consultants, advanced mechanics, engineers, and advanced technicians.


  • MB09003 Multiparameter vibration analysis
  • TB02003 Integration of vibration signals
  • JM02014 Vibration monitoring of bearings
  • JM02025 Low speed analysis
  • MB03001 Investing in Reliability
  • GS03012 Wireless condition monitoring
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