Machine Lubrication Technician/Machine Lubricant Analysts — Level 1


This 4-day course introduces the role of precision lubrication for improving machine reliability. Each day includes vocabulary lists for new concepts and open-ended questions. Time is provided in class to complete about half of the questions. The remainder are to be completed during private study time after class. A post-course practice exam is provided at the end of day 4 to help gauge level of preparation for the certification.

Course objectives

This course covers the following:
  • Role of lubrication for improving machine reliability
  • Overview of lubricant construction and the general principles involved in lubricant selection for common plant machinery
  • Handling and application practices for both oils and greases
  • Contamination control as a way to improve machine performance
  • Appropriate methods to collect samples as the first step in lubricant based machine condition assessment

Recommended for

Plant personnel involved in machine lubrication, including maintenance supervisors and coordinators, reliability and rotating machinery engineers, predictive maintenance technicians and skilled mechanics.


  • GRL001 Lubrication basics
  • WE170 Basics of Seals for Rotating Motion
  • RB03008 Lubrication management
  • EV0l04_no2_p26 Grease life in lubricated-for-life deep groove ball bearings
  • GC6000-2-5 Principles of bearing selection and application-selecting lubricant viscosity
  • GS02001 LubeSelect
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