ISO Category IV (Part 2) — Advanced Vibration Analysis


This course provides an advanced study of machinery vibration diagnostics to identify optimum required corrective actions. Topics include time waveform analysis, multi-channel instruments, natural frequency test methods, rotor dynamics, orbit analysis, and electric motor current analysis.

Course objectives

The course objectives include the following:
  • Introduction to experimental modal and operating deflection shape analysis is included
  • Special analytical techniques needed to evaluate complex machine trains. Covers vibration reduction techniques such as resonance correction, vibration isolation, damping treatments, design of dynamic vibration absorbers, and more
  • Second half of the training requirements for ISO Category IV as per the ISO 18436-2 document

Recommended for

Mechanical, maintenance, and machinery engineers and analysts involved in design, specification, acceptance, operation, and troubleshooting of industrial process and utility machinery. Plant personnel and others who wish to become experts in diagnosing the behavior of rotating machinery of various types and classifications. Professionals whose primary responsibility is the maintenance of high level performance, reliability, and availability of critical process machinery; including rotating machinery specialists and consultants, advanced mechanics, engineers, and advanced technicians.


  • MB04034 PdM and RCFA: A powerful combination
  • MB02029 Criticality analysis in perspective
  • GS02005 Reliability and life
  • MB07004 Use of reliability, availability and maintainability
  • DTD08002 Reliability: What do you have a right to expect?
  • GS03001 Risk analysis
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