Applied Modal and Operating Deflection Shape Analysis


This course provides background information on Experimental Modal and Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Analysis topics with extensive case histories and instructor experience.

Course objectives

To provide a working knowledge of Experimental Modal Analysis and Operating Deflection Shape Analysis (ODS) from a field vibration analyst perspective. Upon completion of this course, you will learn how to:
  • Create computer models of plant machinery and structures
  • Acquire meaningful Modal and ODS measurements
  • Generate and import Modal and Operating Deflection Shape analysis measurements
  • Generate meaningful machinery computer animations needed to detect and resolve noteworthy problems such as resonance, structural weakness, foot related problems, design inadequacies, sources of excessive vibration

Recommended for

Plant personnel that need a basic understanding of Modal and Operating Deflection Shape Analysis techniques on machinery and structures, as well as a practical understanding of ME’scope VES modal/ODS software. Professionals whose primary responsibility is the maintenance of high level performance, reliability, and availability of critical process machinery, including rotating machinery specialists and consultants, advanced mechanics, engineers, and advanced technicians.


  • 5–8 years full-time vibration analysis experience. 
  • SKF Vibration Analysis III (WI213) and SKF Advanced Vibration Analysis (WI304) or commensurate field experience. 
  • Knowledge of vibration sensors and vibration instruments.
  • JM02024 Operating deflection shape analysis
  • MS120 Operator driven reliability
  • PE1102 MEScope Import
  • MS100 AEO basics
  • MS101 Assessment basics
  • AF04005_fan_WE Fans - Work Execution
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