Introduction to SKF Microlog series analyzers and SKF @ptitude Analyst


Course topics are organized into the steps necessary to set up a portable monitoring system and to operate the SKF Microlog series analyzers and SKF @ptitude Analyst software product.

Course objectives

This course introduces the @ptitude Analyst vibration database management and analysis software, as well as the features of the SKF Microlog series analyzers, to the new user. In addition, this course instructs the user on the basics of setting up an effective portable machinery monitoring system.


  • WI100 Vibration basics
  • JM02001 Introduction Guide to Vibration Monitoring
  • PE1101 Microlog best practices
  • MB09003 Muliparameter vibration analysis
  • JM02007 Vibration Principles
  • MB02005 SKF Condition Monitoring
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