Advanced SKF @ptitude Analyst™ and SKF Microlog® Applications


Learn about the following topics and more:

  • SKF Microlog setup
  • Microlog Modules
  • Phase collection and analysis
  • Time waveform analysis
  • Bearing fault detection and analysis
  • @ptitude Analyst Optimization
  • Effective Condition Monitoring Alarms
  • Report Generation

Course objectives

To provide real-life practical approaches to solving machinery problems utilizing the advanced features and techniques of SKF Reliability Systems products.
This course teaches participants:
  • Applications for time and frequency domains
  • Phase analysis using a variety of techniques
  • Bearing fault detection and analysis
  • Time domain analysis
  • Identify natural frequencies/resonance
  • Alarm optimization
  • Editing techniques to enhance database and measurements
  • Reports and scheduled activities

Recommended for

Reliability engineers, technicians, inspectors, advanced mechanics and millwrights whose responsibilities require them to be proficient in the setup and use of the SKF Condition Monitoring @ptitude Analyst software and Microlog data collectors for accurate condition detection, efficient program operation, and root cause failure analysis. While the focus of this course is on the most current SKF instruments and software, users of earlier versions will also benefit.


  • KBA00276 Measuring with different SKF devices
  • PE1109 Microlog Run up / Coast down Module
  • CM5003 Vibration diagnostic guide
  • PE1203 Setting up a Conformance test 
  • JM02002 Spectrum Analysis
  • MB01001 Low speed bearing monitoring
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