SKF Machine Health Reporting Program (MHRP)

The benefits of predictive maintenance – at a fraction of the cost

For years, large-scale manufacturers have been using predictive maintenance (PdM) programs to cut maintenance costs, boost machine availability and prevent production losses. For small to medium-size facilities, however, PdM program investment costs have put these benefits out of reach – start-up costs alone often exceed $100,000 per year. SKF has a much more affordable solution.

A partnership – you collect the data, SKF analyzes it

The SKF Machine Health Reporting Program is a partnership offering that can help your plant enjoy many of the benefits of a comprehensive predictive maintenance program – without the need to invest in condition monitoring equipment or specialized data analysis training that a PdM program requires.
SKF instructs your maintenance personnel how to use an SKF handheld data collector to capture vibration data during their normal duties. Collected data is transmitted to SKF via the Internet, then analyzed by a certified SKF Reliability Engineer who identifies problems and recommends actions to avoid unplanned downtime.
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