Information for distributors

SKF Certified Rebuilders consistently help their customers achieve longer, more reliable motor service life-and, by extension, improved performance and profitability. And for distributors like you, this program represents an excellent profit and business-making opportunity to:
  • Generate new sales and profits. You benefit by supplying higher-grade, better-margin SKF products-including upgrades, such as INSOCOAT and hybrid ceramic bearings, as well as mounting/dismounting tools, maintenance products, and condition monitoring devices.
  • Further penetrate key accounts. Electric motor shops are continually searching for ways to carve out competitive advantages, and the SKF Certified Rebuilder program is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. Helping customers in this effort will strengthen their position-and deepen your relationship.
  • Build customer loyalty. This prestigious certification empowers electric motor shops to deliver improvements in quality and reliability. Ultimately, that results in higher customer satisfaction and repeat business-for them and you.
Learn more about the benefits of the SKF Certified Rebuilder Program and then contact us to discuss the possibilities for your business.

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